Sunday, December 29, 2013

Coffee Tawk

I spent the past memorial day weekend at my cousin's house in the Hamptons.
As a child, my family would spend many summers there.
While drinking my morning coffee on the terrace overlooking the backyard, I felt a wave of nostalgia come over me.
The many barbeques we had on Fourth of July, us kids running around that yard, laughing and playing.
Sip by sip, the memories came flooding back to me as I stared out over the quiet lake.
coffee love affair
This is from earlier in the year, while job hunting.
I was early to my interviewa, so I decided to pass the time with a cup of Joe's coffee.
In January I traveled to Paris, France.
My favorite place I was Montmartre, an area north of Paris.
A friend and I sat outside a local cafe, drank espressos and smoke cigarettes.

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