Thursday, December 26, 2013

Brooklyn Roasting Company

Recently, a new cafe opened up, the Brooklyn Roasting Company.
Some coworkers and I decided we try the place out. The cafe has an entirely glass exterior, I love this. Not only do I enjoy wasting time in cafes, I also enjoy admiring other people doing the same.
The decor is modern mixed with an antique vibe.
(i.e. stainless steel, marble, antique rickety chairs, wood)
Now, the important tidbit, the coffee. Well, what can I say, the coffee is amazing. For me, it isn't too dark but not too light either, it's just right. They also have a fine array of pastries.
I've only tried their donuts, that are from Dough, and well, they're freaking amazing.

200 Flushing Av., Brooklyn, New York

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