Friday, November 7, 2014

Been a really long time since I have written last. I have been really busy doing things I can't recall. Cannot believe it is already November and that the year is almost over (of which I am happy about).
Looking forward to this year quickly coming to an end actually. It's been way too up and down.
I could use some monotone vibes.
Check out my latest test shoot, it's all shabby chic and anthro inspired.

I was in a very sweet mood for just a hot second, then had a whip lash.
Those kittens are vintage salt & pepper shakers, from my own small collection.
Love their big eye lashes and flirty disposition.
Right now my style vibe has switched for more of a cold, textured, dull vibe.
Hues of blue, white, black, and brown.
It is getting quite chilly out, and no me like it.

1 comment:

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