Friday, August 15, 2014

Shopping Online vs. Real Life

Okay, so, I had a thought while shopping at the mall for a kids shoot the other day.
I realized, at least for me, the difference in mindset while shopping online versus shopping in real life.
When I'm in a store, I'm present. I notice how the store is decorated, how the products are merchandised, whether I like how the salesperson greeted me or not. It's an experience. While rummaging through the racks I pull whatever I like, on sale or not. I try clothes on, love it, hate it, too short, too small, HOT, must have it, and so on. Stumble upon a crazy phone case that I don't need, but like, I need it. Wait in line, marks on my arm from hangers, get to the register, talk to the cashier about how awesome that sweater is..."Oh my god how much is all this?! Whatever, take my credit card, I love everything...and like I needed another maxi skirt, right?" 
Skip out of the store with bags over my shoulder like the stars are aligned.
Now, this is my thought. When I shop online the magic isn't in the experience or finding a product that I want, need, love, but instead it's about price. A sale, a discount, a bargain, a promo code, free shipping. I don't have that mentality while shopping in store, but online, I do. I will rarely order something online full price, unless it's an exception to the rule
(i.e. a product not sold in stores, or from a store I can't physically visit, etc).
I shop online solely with price on the mind. My mouse constantly clicking on my shopping cart to check the total. 
"I can get this top and this dress for only that much?! But wow, if I swap this dress for this one it'll be even less?! 
Stop it, I can't." 
Hit checkout, name, address, credit card number, print receipt, congratulations you just bought all this stuff for only that much and soon you'll receive a package like it's Christmas morning. Oh hey, it's Christmas day! What did I order?! I totally forgot I got this...meh, yeah I like it, fits okay, color is a little off but not bad, shit, these shoes don't really fit...need to send them back, and so on.
Now, don't get me wrong. I do love to order online. It has so many pros that I won't bother to list, it's great. 
But the difference between the two are just kind of interesting to me.
There will always be a story that goes along with every item you buy in the real world.

EXAMPLE 1: "I love that ring! Where did you get it?" "Aw, yeah, thank you! I actually found it when I went to Puerto Rico, it caught my eye, I really love it."

EXAMPLE 2: "I love that ring! Where did you get it?" "Aw, yeah, thank you! I actually found it while browsing online. It was half price, plus I got free shipping, it was amazing, I really love it."

In conclusion babe, I like shopping in real life better than shopping online, though each have their pros and cons, duh. There is just more magic to be had in the world than on the web.

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