Saturday, August 2, 2014

"blessing" water ft. roses

There is something I like to do.
Not all the time, but every so often.
         To keep it magical.
I like to cook a blessing water.
The end use is up to you.
It's therapeutic, freeing, and graceful.

Gather some flowers.
Any type, color, shape.
Flowers that catch your eye, follow your intuition.
There is no right or wrong choices here.

Take from it what you will, this is what I did.
I blessed the pot by rubbing special oils on the bottom.
At the bottom sits a special crystal, today mine was ocean jasper.
Fill the pot with water.

Boil the water, let it simmer.
As it does, begin.
In any order or way you like, drop petals into the pot.
Set an intention, visualize something.
Let your mind wander.

Allow the petals to float in the water.
Contemplate, meditate, breathe.
Add ice to the mix to cool things down.
Use a drainer to remove the petals.

Pour the water into some kind of container.
And, voila, your own blessing water.
Play with as you like.

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